Automatic Revolving Door Servicing
EA Group pride themselves on being the market leaders in door servicing

Automatic revolving doors are under continual use and may suffer from accidental damage or wear and tear. A regular servicing visit is a perfect way to keep any faults to minimum, areas of improvement may also be highlighted.

Each Customer has different automatic door requirements. EA Group has the knowledge and experience to discuss all options available. We can provide automatic revolving door solutions tailored to your needs.

EA Group specialises in automatic revolving doors and has been offering market leading automatic door servicing for over 20 years. From one off service visits to yearly contracts, our engineers are fully ADSA qualified to make sure your doors are fully functional, safe and legal for public use.

Automatic doors must be formally inspected and serviced once every six months to comply with British Standards 7036 1996 legislation. Any servicing carried out must follow specific guidelines within an automatic door technicians check list. This will ensure that all equipment is working correctly and complies with the relevant safety standards

Our service visits ensure reliable automatic door operation by checking for:

  • Wear and tear
  • Sensor faults
  • Minor damages
  • Loose fittings
  • Programming errors
  • Safety

With teams of automatic door engineers all over the UK, we are pleased to provide servicing to most automatic doors within the UK.

All servicing carried out on any automatic revolving door will be written up on a checklist and a copy will be made available to you as set out in British Standards 7036 1996 /EN16005.

EA Group is committed to creating excellent working relationships with our customers. Contact us today to receive conscientious professional advice or to request a free quotation for your automatic door requirements. Call us now on 01372 459536, alternatively use our web form to receive a fast response today.

EA Group also supply and install automatic doors. Please visit our installation website for more information or, view our EA Doors brochure here.


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